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Our certified team of professionals is ready to help you achieve your security goals and objectives. In an era Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA requirements, organizations are mandated to be compliant. Violations are expensive and result in diminished customer loyalty –which translates to lost revenue. Security is no longer and after-thought, but is now considered an integral part of the systems development lifecycle. This comes at a cost to an organization. The costs could be linked to direct acquisition, or could be at the expense of lost functionality. In today’s competitive market, maintaining the balance between functionality and security is critical. Alterium is a leader in the security industry, and will ensure that the necessary controls are implemented to protect our client’s intellectual property while maintaining applicable compliance.

Alterium security professional hold the leading industry certifications (e.g. CISSP, CISM, CISA, CGEIT, etc). At Alterium, we have t stay abreast of technology development – both at the policy level as well as the functional level – which is why we incentivize our team members to be aware of the latest threats and mediation strategies.

Enterprise Security Assessments
Change Management is very difficult to maintain, even in small organizations. In large organizations, this problem is exponentially greater because of the higher reliance on information technology as well as the greater number of employees/partners that access a system.

At Alterium, we can perform security assessments to identify problem areas. On a typical engagement, we spend time with our client to understand their unique needs. Alterium professionals will methodically gather information about your system, and develop a custom risk response strategy based on a quantitative and qualitative risk assessment.

Compliance Auditing
Our professionals are certified auditors with the necessary industry knowledge to perform internal audits of your applications, databases, networks, etc. Audits are very specific tasks better left to the professionals. At Alterium, we keep “our fingers on the pulse” of the industry, monitoring emerging requirements as well as modifications to existing regulations.

You can trust Alterium to prepare your organization by identifying and developing a mitigation strategy for any issues within your organization. This is done ahead of any external auditor knocking on your door. A further benefit to our clients is that Alterium compliance auditors sit on the same boards, are part of the same working groups, participate in the same organizations and attend the same conferences as the external auditors sent to our clients firms.

Virtual CISO

Vulnerability / Penetration Testing

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Identity and Access Management

Cyber Security
Organizational efficiencies and innovations are today, enabled by technology. The digital era has impacted every business segment in every country across the globe. From the wealthiest economies to the poorest countries; technology is used a major differentiator between success and mediocrity. Medical doctors in the United States of America are performing virtual surgery via the web in remote areas of the Sudan. Software developers in India are working on projects that based in Europe. This international collaboration is great especially since in promotes public-private partnerships.

Nonetheless the high degree of collaboration comes at a price. Systems are now increasingly vulnerable to attacks by competitors, electronic fraud, data loss, sabotage, and intellectual property theft. As organizations become more virtual in nature, jurisdiction begins to play a more important role in data ownership.

The ability to secure organizational assets becomes a paramount task since IT is now closely tied to the organizations sustainability. Alterium provides a proven approach to secure IT infrastructure, the process being enabled, and the business intelligence intrinsic to stored data. We help our clients understand, predict and mitigate cyber risk.