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Power and Utilities
The P&U sector is undergoing a technology revolution similar to the “Internet Revolution” of the early 1990s. This technology revolution is primarily attributed to the global demand for a more efficient and better managed power grid. Current power grids are very old (approx. 45 year old technology) and do not support the requirement of an information-centric society.

The solution is the “Smart Grid” which will deliver real-time information about power consumption and power demand to consumers and bulk power generating facilities, alike. In addition the entire Smart Grid will be connected, via the internet, to support renewable energy sources (e.g. wind, solar, etc.)

Cyber Security is a major concern, since the introduction of the internet introduces the risks of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, viruses, targeted acts of terrorism. Alterium is working with key entities to develop cyber security interoperability standards, protocols and frameworks intended to reduce risk to manageable levels, and ensure that necessary controls are implemented to protect critical infrastructure.

With a wealth of information from experiences deploying and testing AMI, Alterium expects to be a valuable contributor to the deployment of the Smart Grid.