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Energy (Oil and Gas)

Alterium serves customers within the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the energy sector. By virtue of our strategic alliances and partnerships with global manufacturers, Alterium have direct access to production lines and supply-chains. We leverage these relationships for the ultimate benefit of our clients, meeting our clients’ procurement, technology, project management, and supply-chain needs.

Our West African operations are ran through Alterium Equipment (Gh) Ltd. and caters to oil and gas exploration and production companies in the regions.
As far as the supply-chain is concerned, Alterium is able to manage all aspects of the supply-chain, including but not limited to supply-chain analysis, logistics, warehousing and storage, as well as reverse logistics. As your supply-chain partner, Alterium will help to streamline all your supply chain activities; ensuring maximum return on investment and elimination of waster.

From a technology perspective, our client (customers) in the energy sectors are most of the time based off-shore, with satellite offices on-shore and off-shore. To ensure secure and reliable transmission of data, clients rely on Alterium to provide remote access, virtual private networks and other back-haul services as part of a complete IT solution set.

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