Industries :: Financial

In an industry where competition is fierce, access to timely data is critical. Reliable systems that support financial activities are necessary to promote value sustainability and shareholder value.

Furthermore, the financial sector is a heavily regulated sector. This regulation is intended to promote the interest of actors within the financial sector (private investors, etc.) as well as to prevent fraudulent practices such as insider trading, financial mis-reporting, etc. These regulations require that systems responsible for the processing, storage and transfer of data are designed and operated according to the highest levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability. At Alterium we ensure that the necessary controls are implemented to monitor systems against any threats to the CIA triad defined above.

By providing systems design, database design, vulnerability assessments, third-party audits, and risk assessments, Alterium clients reduce our clients’ risk to manageable levels.

Our clients are comfortable knowing that Alterium maintain the highest levels of professionalism and are certified by the applicable organization (e.g. ISACA and ISC2, etc.) to provide defense-in-depth solutions and services.