Our Solutions:: Business Consulting

The desire to improve shareholder value transcends business sector boundaries and business size demarcations. At Alterium, we focus on understanding our clients’ business and getting familiar with their core business functions as well as the extended aspects of their business. Our goal in any engagement is to implement strategy maps and performance metrics that foster collaboration and business growth. This approach is deeply rooted in the Alterium Mission Statement of only recommending and providing solutions once a need has been clearly defined in terms of criteria for success; and that need is understood in the larger organizational-wide context.

As a client (partner) for success, you can trust that our team of professionals will perform the necessary due diligence so that any solution(s) presented represents maximum benefit in the short-term, but is also scalable to accommodate future growth.

Portfolio/Program/Project Management (PM3-as-a-Service)
The Project Management Office has evolved in recent years to become a critical element in facilitating project management within the organization, and ultimately, enabling enterprise-wide performance improvement. Today in many companies, the Project Management Office, PMO, plays as important a role in strategic planning as it does in implementing project management practices and has become a well accepted, mission-critical part of the organization.

Helping the organization choose the right projects
Managing the project portfolio correctly
Alignment of project objectives with company strategic direction
Minimizing project risk by establishing proven procedures and standards
Improving efficiency in resources utilization
Establishing a project management culture within the organization
Establishing the correct metrics to measure project performance

Regardless of the scope of the task(s), Alterium seasoned project managers will ensure that your project(s) are delivered successfully, and that user requirements are met. By following established industry best practices we reduce the risk of ballooning project cost while minimizing risks to levels that are acceptable to our clients. Although we subscribe wholly to the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), we realize that every project is unique in nature. Hence, we treat each project differently ensuring that only the requisite amounts of processes within each project management process group are used.

With over 200+ cumulative experience managing projects and a portfolio of projects in the $1Billion dollar range, our project and program managers can help you establish and implement a Project Management Office (PMO). We will work with your leaders and operations units to facilitate the paradigm shift represented by adoption of standardized project management frameworks. Our team will ensure that existing and new projects are retrofitted to the new model. For our clients that do not wish to have an in-house PM, but still desire to reap the rewards of successfully executed projects , Alterium will provide project and program management as a services. Our Virtual PMO will monitor projects in your pipeline, providing you with the appropriate levels of visibility.

Business Process Improvement
Heavily intertwined with PM3-as-a-Service, is Alterium offering of analyzing existing business processes, or lack thereof, and working with our clients to unravel the complexities within their business model. The desired end result as simple collections of defined processes, with quantitative measurements. Our business improvement approach begins with clearly accessing the status quo. Our team of business professionals will document all aspects of your business, reviewing existing organizational assets. This series of task creates a ‘clear picture’ of the status-quo. Next, we work with the organizational leaders to express the directional growth of the organization. This is where our clients enjoy the wealth of industry experience that Alterium brings to table. Alterium helps our clients to use industry trends and successes as benchmarks for future growth, delivering a roadmap to success. The natural by-products of these exercises are clearly defined measurements that can be measured and continuously improved upon.

Supply Chain Optimization
Trust Alterium to realize hidden benefit (revenue) within your supply-chain. Our clients normally enjoy a six-percent (6%) benefit from allowing Alterium to, in a collaborative fashion, streamline supply-chain operations. Our strategy is to consider the entire supply chain as a whole, as well as the individual supply-chains “within the supply-chain”. We help our clients to find operational efficiencies that were otherwise hidden behind bureaucratic silos. In doing so, our focus is to get all the business units to “swim in the same direction” – using the proverbial shoal of fish analogy. Once business units are aware of the interdependencies within the organization, we find that organizations have a natural transition toward high-performance. Under performing employees or business units are either (i) eliminated, or (ii) succumb to peer pressure of high performance. What is the end-result? A more efficient organization for our clients